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Our Team
We are a pioneer in the industry of Supply Chain in the Philippines that offers complete sourcing solutions and logistics service. We are an ALL-IN ONE service Provider to help you jumpstart your business hassle-free, safe and fast.


Strategic sourcing is not a solo effort. We partner with our clients to drive value creation by leveraging our mutual time, knowledge-base, sourcing experience, resources and tools. It is a process in which we harness the skills of the Supply Industry to best optimize sustainable and competitive advantages for our customers. Our process develops a secure and responsive supply base that is capable of providing quality, delivery, costs, technologies, flexibility and services to meet current and future business needs of our clients. We have strategic sourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes, including small to medium enterprices.


Our goal is to help you obtain savings faster while improving all qualitative aspects of your relationships with your suppliers. Our services can be provided on a fee-for-service model, assuring customized cost per transaction.

Guaranteed Lowest Cost

With the help of our Logistics and Procurement background, we can assure you the lowest Landed Price for your commodity, giving you an edge in your market. We have tried and tested trade strategic techniques that will enable you to enjoy at least 30% GUARANTEED lower landed cost than your competitors.

WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY provides true On-Demand Resources. Our clients can engage us for full strategic sourcing services, or use us only in one phase of a strategic sourcing initiative. We can assist in any phase of: Freight Forwarding, Customs Releasing, Logistics Consultation, Fleet and Transportation Management and Project Cargo Handling.


We offer complete Supply Chain services to oversee your business needs. 

What we offer:
  • Procurement Strategy

  • Guaranteed Lowest Landed Price

  • International Freight Forwarding

  • Domestic Freight Forwarding

  • Customs Releasing

  • Project Cargoes

  • Logistics Consultation


Make your business Hassle-free! Inquire now!

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