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Industries Served


Consumer Packaged Goods | WRV Logistics Consultancy
Consumer Packaged Goods

WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY Management provides CPG companies with the expertise and industry knowledge needed to reduce costs and gain control of spend via an adaptable, flexible suite of procurement outsourcing, market research, strategic sourcing, and spend management services. We offer people, processes, and technologies to quickly identify opportunities for cost reduction, and the know-how to ensure those opportunities translate to realized savings for the organization. For consumer packaged goods manufacturers, WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY is a one-stop shop with the ability to address 100% of spend associated with

Outside vendors.

Medical Devices | WRV Logistics Consultancy

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers are under increasing competition from new low cost manufacturers and must find ways to further reduce their costs of goods sold. Visibility into your organization's spend and optimization of the supply base is key to navigating and obtaining your spend reduction goals. However, doing so requires additional strain on your already lean procurement and sourcing 


At WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY we partner with medical device manufacturers to develop strategies that drive supply chain performance and value in order to ensure a competitive advantage. We understand the complexities and unique nature of the medical device industry, and leverage this market intelligence to build long-term strategic relationships. 

IT Products | WRV Logistics Consultancy

IT Products

WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY IT sourcing experts enhance the capabilities of your IT and procurement departments by providing on-demand resources and market intelligence to increase sourcing efficiency and maximize savings. Our strategic sourcing team can analyze your contracts and spend across your IT portfolio to pinpoint opportunities to improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs. 


We have IT experts to study your product costs and evaluate quality of your commodities to give you state-of-the-art IT equipments and improve your company’s systems or for you to provide high quality products to your market, risk-free and cost efficiently.

Energy and Utilities



​Utility companies often do not have the resources to expertly manage every spend category on their own. WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY can help supplement your company's internal sourcing department by providing expert resources with proprietary market intelligence, negotiation assistance, and process improvements. Utility companies can ensure their supply chain is reliable and achieve significant savings in a number of Spend categories, direct and indirect.


Whether your utility or energy company has specific spend categories in mind, or needs a ground-up approach that helps to identify target opportunities, we can help you to optimize your Procurement Supply Chain.

Manufacturing | WRV Logistics Consultancy


To be successful, many large scale manufacturing operations often must find a strong balance that addresses the more task-focused needs of the production process as well as the financial planning, oversight and control requirements of any major modern business organization.


With the current state of the world economy and growing political and social unrest in many foreign nations, manufacturers are looking to pull back their outsourced and contracted manufacturing to locations closer to home, a process called Near-Shoring. If you need help identifying low-cost close-to-home manufacturers or suppliers in countries such as China, Singapore or India, WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY can help.

Cocktail Making | WRV Logistics Consultancy

Direct and Raw Materials

WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY understands that the procurement of Direct Materials must be directly linked to Customer Satisfaction. If an inexpensive alternate product is in any way inferior to the product it replaces, then the cost saving benefits do not outweigh our customer’s and their client’s ultimate satisfaction.

Our goal is to help you find the right supplier, in the right geogaphy at the right price to deliver you quality and dependable direct goods, direct service and raw materials that you use in your end offering. We are often able to accomplish cost reduction while simulatenously maintaining or improving your quality and lead times.

Pharmaceuticals | WRV Logistics Consultancy
Pharmaceutical Products


WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY provides innovative cost savings, quality control, fast and reliable delivery through strategic sourcing and Supply chain management for the pharmaceutical industry.

At WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY, we partner with Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other firms in the field of life sciences and bio-tech to develop strategies that optimize the supply chain while driving value and cost reductions in order to ensure a competitive advantage for our customers. We understand the complex and unique nature of the Pharmaceutical industry and pull this to build strategic relationships that prove valuable in the long term.

Retail/Wholesale | WRV Logistics Consultancy


The procurement teams within retailers and wholesalers probably already do a stellar job on the high-volume direct goods and materials and on some high profile indirect spend categories, such as rent. However, it can be challenging for any company to staff experts in every single spend category. Successful retailers are continually improving the buying experience by offering new types of stores, products, and services at an increasingly better value. They also have the less glamorous day-to-day operational expenses to worry about. Our strategic sourcing services can help. WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY helps retailers and wholesalers increase their profitability and keep up with demand by bringing additional resources, value, time, tools and market intelligence to the sourcing process.

Industrial Contractors | WRV Logistics Consultancy


WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY on their Project-based sourcing requirements. We understand the need to be able to provide good deals in terms of low-cost, high quality products. The time element for this type of industry is also very important.


We study your contracts and we adjust to your needs for you to deliver results and finish your contract right on time and your budget on the dot. We will do all the negotiating for you so you can get the target projects you are eyeing. With our expertise in both Procurement and Logistics industry, we can provide you with the perfect mix of solutions so you can get the projects you want.

Mining | WRV Logistics Consultancy

Mining and Natural Resources

In categories such as mining and natural resources, where regulation compliance and product quality are top priorities, increasing value without compromising service levels is crucial. The lowest cost option is not always the best choice. WRV LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY'S strategic sourcing consultants have decades of experience meeting specific requirements like country of origin, certifications, and material quality when sourcing products, regardless of their category, their uniqueness, or the condition of their individual market. 


Our team can also help mining and natural resource organizations analyze current spend with a detailed spend analysis, benchmark, or market assessment to identify practical and beneficial savings opportunities. In addition to reducing costs, our strategic sourcing initiatives can increase service levels and develop long-term supplier relationships. Having healthy relationships with suppliers crucial since innovation is a key factor to the mining and natural resource industry and working at a partner-level with suppliers can secure exclusive rights to a supplier's improved technology and practices. 

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