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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to purchase abroad. How do I do it?


This is a very common question. To be able to use our service,  you have to communicate with us first the details of the product (e.g Price, Terms of shipment, weight, dimension etc.) and your supplier company address and contact person. Afterwards, we will send you our quotation based on the service you will require.  Once you have agreed to the full quotation, we will give you the address and name of our agent in the sourcing country.  Our agent will contact your supplier and arrange for shipping immediately. 



Do I have To pay separate shipping?


Technically when you use our agent’s details the domestic costs of shipping to them may be free, depending on the online shopping platform that you are using.  Once you get our service all costs shall be incorporated in the service charges that will be submitted to you.



How about the import duties and taxes?


Leave it to us.  During our first communication we will ask you all the details of the product you intend to buy and we will submit all necessary costs for your approval.  We guarantee that there will be no other extra costs than the one you have approved!


How long does it take to get the product?


Typically if it is airfreight you will get it in 5-8 working days.  However for bulk shipment you may opt to use sea freight which is cheaper and could take longer depending on the country of origin.


What if I do not have a supplier yet?


You may also use our sourcing services we will find the right supplier for your product needs.  We would need the complete specification of the product you are looking for to find the right fit for you.


Do I need to be an accredited importer to use your service?


No.  We will provide all the necessary documentary requirements and licenses for your importation.

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